Our Great Creditor

In Ireland and around the world at large today, people love to talk about money with things being said like “He’s givin’ her the brown envelope”, “They must be on serious money to afford that” or “What would you do if you won the lotto – a girl can dream!” We seem so obsessed about what other people have that we seldom look at what we have right under our noses.

Some people also seem to owe a lot of money too. They owe it to banks, building societies, credit unions, loan sharks etc. I have also come across the a phrase saying “moneys’ short – times are hard, here’s your ‘fruity’ Christmas Card” A lot of people seem to be struggling to make ends meet and are living week to week. Some seem to be working “every hour God sends them”

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what is the root cause of all this envy and misery?

The Hazards of Cheating

Across most of the western world today, there seems to be a craze happening. Some people seem to be leaving their spouse (Their husband or wife who they have been joined to by marriage and have been with for years and sometimes even decades) and are having extra marital affair relations with another – a gooseberry has gotten into the mix!

This isn’t confined to those who are more advanced in years either – young men and women who are in their teens and early twenties seem to be sleeping together before marriage – butting the cart before the horse.

Learning From Israel

Avoiding the Pitfalls of IsraelBelow, we are looking at Psalm 78. In it, The Lord stands as though he were a lawyer pleading his own case against the nation of Israel, whom he set aside as his own Peculiar people. We see how God richly blessed them and multiplied them. They went down to Egypt as 75 people in all and by the time they came back up 430 years later, their number was well over 2 million, with an army of 600,000 fighting men, and Christ says, nothing more could have been done for them (Isaiah 5:1 – 7) He also gave them a law for their benefit and to benefit the nations around them. May we learn lessons from the rebellious and wicked nature of the children of Israel and not fall into the same trap ourselves.

Global Warming – Climate Change

Climage ChangeReports

If one listens to the radio or watches television, it must be practically impossible not to have heard about climate change. It has been on the go for quite some time but recently it has taken on a new urgency with people demonstrating by marches, school pupils missing lessons to stand out on the street and people lying down near the Dáil, to block the street.

The fear is that the average temperature in our atmosphere is rising and, a rise, even as small as 2oC, could be catastrophic, causing the ice sheets to melt, the sea levels to rise so that many towns, cities and even countries may flood, may cause many deaths and become uninhabitable.

The Almighty God

Have you ever heard of the phrase “the man upstairs”? It’s a term used to describe God, The Lord Of Hosts. The very use of such a term is used to describe a very passive god, someone who is up in the clouds passively playing his harp! Such terms and phrases are thrown around with little or no consideration about reality. This is especially true in the western world.