Global Warming – Climate Change

Climage ChangeReports

If one listens to the radio or watches television, it must be practically impossible not to have heard about climate change. It has been on the go for quite some time but recently it has taken on a new urgency with people demonstrating by marches, school pupils missing lessons to stand out on the street and people lying down near the Dáil, to block the street.

The fear is that the average temperature in our atmosphere is rising and, a rise, even as small as 2oC, could be catastrophic, causing the ice sheets to melt, the sea levels to rise so that many towns, cities and even countries may flood, may cause many deaths and become uninhabitable.

The Almighty God

Have you ever heard of the phrase “the man upstairs”? It’s a term used to describe God, The Lord Of Hosts. The very use of such a term is used to describe a very passive god, someone who is up in the clouds passively playing his harp! Such terms and phrases are thrown around with little or no consideration about reality. This is especially true in the western world.

When The gods Fall

Who or what are your darlings, heroes pin-ups?When The Lord lead the nation of Israel out of the Egyptian empire about 3 and a half thousand years ago, he gave them a set of rules to live by. This was not so he could put a leash on them and “spoil their fun”, but because he loved and cared for them, he wanted the very best for them as parents do for their child. He gave them the following rules concerning himself, how we are to relate to him and approach him because it is written of him “For our God is a consuming fire” – Hebrews 12:29:

True Happiness

A lot of people today are in pursuit of happiness but for one reason or another, it either seems to escape them, or when they do obtain their goal, they always feel empty, and move on to “next big thing”. In the following audio, you will hear the late Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones explaining the reasons why this is and the showing the only possible antidote. Please listen to the whole thing. The Text is Isaiah 5:24.

True Freedom

Materialism - A strangle hold from the pitsIn this world we live in today, there are a lot of people offering and others looking for “the one thing” or that so called “x factor” which they think will take them to “the next level” or there are certain goods or services which, people think that when they obtain them, that they will have “arrived” or be on top. People a lot of the time love to give into advertising. Companies no longer sell goods or services, they sell “dreams” and the general public, for the most part has lapped it up.