Why all the fuss about homosexuality?

God created us, making us male and female. We were made to enjoy God and each other. He created us as social and sexual beings and, having done so He described His creation as ‘very good’. Sex is a gift from God, given first that humans might, in an emotional and physical way, be able to express and give love, and secondly it is given for reproductive purposes.

Out of love for us, God has laid down and communicated to us the rules by which sex should be enjoyed, and beyond which sex becomes a selfish and godless act. There is nothing dirty about sex which is practiced in the way that God intended. Rather it is an act of holiness fulfilling God’s purposes for us.

The Bible teaches that sex is for a man and a woman who are committed to each other in a faithful married relationship. Any form of sex outside marriage is sin, and less than God’s best.

Sexual practice between two people of the same sex is not what God intended, and is an abuse of the physical body and of the stewardship of sexual desire. It can never lead to reproduction, and very often leads to long-term unhappiness as one becomes immersed in the sub-culture of those practising it. It often leads to guilt and shame.

Some people going through puberty, experimenting with the new world of sexuality, go through a homosexual phase. That does not mean at all that they are homosexuals. There is no genetic evidence that some people are born homosexuals; although even if there was that does not mean it is right as we live in a world that has become far less than God created. Homosexual practice is a choice. It is often as a result of wounded sexuality or weak role models in childhood that a person finds their inclination towards the same sex. God will help any individual to honour Him in their sexuality, either by redirecting them to a heterosexual path, or receiving the strength to live a celibate life.