If Jesus died for sin, why isn’t everyone forgiven?

Christians often get so passionate about it. While Jesus was hanging on a rugged tree put into the shape of a cross, bleeding and dying, He wasn’t just suffering physically, but spiritually too. He was taking upon Himself the sins of the world.

That is why the cross of Jesus is our only means of forgiveness. Because Jesus died, and rose from the dead, you and I have access to God!

God offers this forgiveness, rescue and restoration to everyone. He offers it to you! There is no other route. Jesus is the only way. That’s why it’s so important what you do with Him. Salvation is a free gift, offered to everyone, but like any gift, it has to be received or accepted before it becomes truly yours.

I recently bought a 48 box of Smarties for my grandsons, from one of those big wholesalers. When I took it home and told them I had a present for them they were, as ever, very excitable. I pulled the box of Smarties out of the bag. They could hardly believe their eyes; 48 tubes are almost too much for three little boys to comprehend.

Though I had bought the gift, told them about it, and even held it out and offered it to them, it wasn’t truly theirs until they received and accepted it from me. At that point it was theirs and they could fully enjoy it and all its ‘benefits’.

Jesus’ death is a little like that. It is a gift we have to accept, not a reward we deserve. If a person rejects or neglects the gift of Jesus, then the responsibility of that choice is entirely his or hers. The Bible says the result of sin is death – but God’s gift is eternal life – Romans 6 v. 23. The big question is, will you accept it?